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To the End of the World

The literary phenomenon that has captivated readers in 21 countries and is now in its 14th edition finally arrives in the United States!

A captivating story bound to leave you breathless from internationally acclaimed author José Ignacio Valenzuela. When Angela receives an eerie text message from her estranged, best-friend Patricia, her heart stops. Something is off and Angela knows it. She quickly embarks on a biting quest to Almahue, a small town in the Chilean Patagonia, which, according to the Malamor Legend, is cursed to live without love or face death. Deception and mystery unfold, as true love leaves Patricia defying the legend she once brushed off and fighting alongside the entire town for their own lives.


Miles to almahue

Printed Editions


Nicely written, and a book I would gladly recommend for readers who want to expand into a wider range of science fiction authors. This book was a delightful surprise and promises to set up other literary entries.
JD. D.

The book is AMAZING. It transports you in that magical realism way that is so special to Latin American writers.

I love this book!!! Interesting and intensifying chapters. Totally reccommend it.
It kept me interested and I couldn’t put this book down!!!

Amazon Customer

Angela is an Anthropology student at the University of Santiago who goes literally to the end of the world to a small and scary fishing village in Patagonia, to rescue her best friend (who may or may not deserve rescuing!). In the midst of horror and grave danger (is there any other kind?) and at great risk to all involved she also finds true love.

This is a story for Young Adults, I guess, but I think it is for readers of all ages (because I loved it and I am a few light years away from being a “Young Adult!”)

It is refreshing and rare to have a young woman as the hero: She is smart, brave, up to the physical challenges, in serious love, and fiercely loyal!

You’ll love it!
Like Nancy Drew on steroids!


Well done! No more to add. Jose Ignacio’s writing is amazing and the trilogy was worth reading.
Margarita R . Dager

This is the first time I read a book by Chascas and it has left me with a great feeling… this book had me engrossed with its unique story…You won’t regret it!

Great plot! Easy to read.
Amazon Customer

Great and fun!
Silvia G. Alatorre

Great read for young people and adults. Magic realism from the new millennium. The plot develops very fast and engulfs the reader from the first page. I recommend it!
TT Torres

José Ignacio Valenzuela has achieved with this trilogy something very difficult: a book series which is pleasant because of its storyline, full of constant action, fantasy and mystery, but also one which is suggestive to the eternal hero’s journey (…) It will not only captivate young readers but everybody who enjoys reading adventure stories.
Carmen Dolores Hernández - El Nuevo Día

Best Selling Author


José Ignacio Chascas Valenzuela has captured the hearts and imagination of readers and critics all over the world with his versatile style and captivating writing for literature, film, television, and theater. A Chilean native, he has published over 15 books, many of which became international best sellers. In 2017, the movie rights to the Malamor Trilogy were sold. A true literature lover, when he is not writing, he is hosting workshops for students across various countries nurturing their love for reading.



One of the 10 Best Young Latin American Writers According to (The New York Times)


Emmy-Nominated Screenwriter


International Bestselling Author


Winner of the Prix du Grand Jury, France

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To the End of the World

CHI town! An evening with Chascas and a trip To the End of the World!

Come meet José Ignacio “Chascas” Valenzuela as he presents the literary phenomenon that has captivated readers in 21 countries and has now finally arrived to the United States!

To the End of the World, the first book in the Malamor Trilogy.

Come say hi, ask questions, and get an autographed book by this best seller author!

2523 N Kedzie Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647

In the heart of Logan Square!

FREE parking around the back!!!